Caitlin Thiel

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

A colored rectangular portrait of Caitlin. She has on a neon pink shirt and jean shorts. Her hair is dark brown and culry. She has on large octogan sunglasses. She is standing in front of a blue and white checkered wall.

Caitlin Thiel grew up in Hamilton, New Jersey, a town directly outside of Trenton. Caitlin is a communications major with minors in entertainment marketing, and art. Before coming to Saint Joseph’s University, Caitlin always had a passion for creating content. She loved taking pictures on her digital camera, making creations out of polymer clay, and writing fictional stories. She found her passion for photography after taking her first digital photography class during her sophomore year of college. Her work focuses on environmental issues, nature, and the world around us. Nature has always been an important part of Caitlin’s life. She grew up playing outside with her neighborhood friends, going to the beach often, and running around in the park. Her fondness for the beauty of nature, and her love for the environment is why she chooses to showcase the outdoors in her work. In addition to her love for nature, Caitlin has always been interested in all the people, places, and things that life has to offer. She is currently working on a series that reflects her passion and personal relationship with the city of Philadelphia. Growing up in a suburban neighborhood, she did not get to experience city life often. The city of Philadelphia has helped her to define her career goals, and shape her as a person.

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