Caitlin Thiel

A Love Letter to the City

This series reflects and explores my personal relationship with the city of Philadelphia.

Commercial Photography

For my work, I applied professional studio lighting techniques and practices. My work consists of: still life, food, glass, and metal.

Rectangular image of tea in a class cup. The glass is filled with brown tea, and there is a tea bag hanging on the side. There is cookies and a pair of reading glasses next to the tea. It is on a red, wood background.
Reactangular image of two metal salt shakers. The pepper shaker is on its side, and the salt shaker is next to it. They are on a wood cutting board, and there is a yellow napkin with silverware on it in the background.
Rectangular image of two cracked eggs in a bowl. There is a rolling pin with flour on it to the side. They are on a wooden background.
Rectangular image of almonds and measuring spoons with sugar in them. There is a cook book in the corner and they are on a wooden background.

College in the Time of COVID-19

This photo essay explores the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we go to college. I used various photographic techniques throughout including: composition, focal length, and shutter speed.

Rectangular image of a welcome sign at Saint Joseph's University. The sign says that masks are mandatory, and there are tennis courts in the background.
Rectangular image of desks in rows outside in a tent. The camera is zoomed in and focused on desk number ten.
Rectangular image of a white front door, and a black metal door is open in front of it. The house is made of brown brick, and there is ivy growing up the side of it.
Rectangular image of a blonde haired girl doing work. She is sitting at her desk in her room, and she has her laptop open.
Rectangular image of a gray Apple computer sitting on a bed. The bed spread is gray and there is a blue pillow on it. There is also a yellow tapestry with flowers in the background.
Rectangular image of colorful mnasks on hanging on a wall. There is a pair of car keys underneath them, and a white door in the background with a dream catcher.
Rectangular image of a brunette girl sitting at her dining room table doing a science lab. She is pouring a beaker of liquid into a test tube.
Rectangular image of colorful hand sanitizer sitting in a glass dish. There is also a big pump of hand sanitizer behind it.
Rectangular image of a brunette girl sitting on the floor doing work. She has her computer propped up on a bright purple chest, and there is also a white water bottle on the chest. She is distracted snd sitting on her phone.